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Experience a new level of trading.

What is Alphaseek?

Alphaseek is a cryptocurrency exchange built on institutional grade architecture - offering a robust and feature-rich experience. Our technology pushes the crypto space forward with industry-first order types and order execution speed.

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Why trade with us?

We can offer things to you that no other competitor can.

‣    No rate limits on API.

‣    Order types with loads of capability without complexity.

‣    0% spot fees.

‣    Industry-leading cold storage.

‣    Redundant backup servers to make sure you never miss a trade.

‣    And much more.

Up your trading.

Institutional grade power - put in the hands of everyone. You get more flexibility and speed behind every trade.


Meet our team


Gytis Kandrotas

Gytis decided to leave university with one semester left to pursue a career in crypto and has never looked back. In 2018 he went to work for HP, and just when he thought he was out, crypto pulled him back in shortly after.

He's used most of the crypto trading platforms, where his passion lies. Before Alphaseek, he consulted multiple crypto derivatives exchanges, including BitMEX (a legend in this space).

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Ray Campbell

Ray has beat Efren Reyes (arguably the greatest pool player of all time) in 9 ball. If that's not CV worthy, we don't know what is. He's worked in all corners of the world - as a nuclear reactor operator and inside submarines. And he always wears a hat.

When it comes to trading, you can ask Ray anything. He's got over 15 years on Wall St. and over 25 years building world-renowned trading systems.

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Rado Entchev

Rado left his home country as soon as he graduated from university and traveled to North America, where he built a successful career in software development. His family has been digital nomads for the last five years, visiting over 30 countries.

Rado is a Bitcoin maximalist and cryptocurrency derivatives expert. He is determined to contribute to governance's decentralization and the emergence of self-sovereignty.




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